I came across a VanDamme Conversion on VanTrader, and knew immediately from the pictures shared that it was high quality work. After responding to multiple listings, and being unimpressed with the quality of craftsmanship and high price associated, I reached out to Aaron to setup a tour of his shop and see the vans he was working on. Upon arriving, I was treated with respect, genuine excitement for their trade, unparalleled knowledge and experience. My jaw dropped. Beautiful vans! They don’t cut corners. 

Aaron and teams work radiates with attention to detail, and passion for their business. They live vans. It’s evident in their time commitment and response rates. They’ve carefully designed conversions with first hand knowledge of van life, anticipating the needs and wants of their prospective clients. Neatly creating a unobtrusive flow, using every inch of allowable space to tuck wires, hang hooks and prioritize necessities that will outlive the vehicles lifespan. I had no idea what I was looking for, better yet what would unfold on the road. They prepared me with how to, heads up’s and resources that allowed me to feel safe while traveling alone. Aaron created video tutorials that proved to be very valuable post purchase. I am forever grateful for their willingness to go above and beyond, and stoked to call these guys friends! 

If you are looking for exceptional work and passionate people, VanDamme Conversions is your answer. 

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