Built by us ⸻

Our Mission

It all begins with a dream, an idea, a thought, a yearning. Whether it be for weekend getaways, full-time, a lifestyle change, or whatever motivates you, our family at VDC strives to provide you with that outlet.

Our mission is to provide a luxurious (yet homey), durable, self sufficient platform for all your adventuring desires. We take immense pride in building a comfortable touring machine where after a long day of adventuring, you can come back to your tiny home, prepare a warm meal, enjoy a sunset, and have a nice hot shower before cozying into bed.

Our vans are built to last with a focus on detail. We choose every material and component that goes into each build with longevity, aesthetics, and durability in mind. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful, stress free, and reliable experience.

Styled by you ⸻
Made with love.

Home is where you park it.