Built by us ⸻

Our Story

Van Damme Conversions offers an unparalleled coming together of both Maritime and Custom Build Industries. Our team applies knowledge and expertise from over 25 years combined experience living and working on Super-yachts. We are also van lifers ourselves, having years of living on the road in self converted vans.

Utilizing acquired knowledge from time spent in shipyards and on the road, our team uses durable and weather-resistant products to insure first-class maintenance and interior longevity. Real thought and design go into our build, for optimal use of space, both inside and out. Getting to know our customers is one of our top priorities, not only for their ease of experience but for our own peace of mind.

Styled by you ⸻
Made with love.

Our Mission

It all begins with a dream, an idea, a thought, a yearning. Whether it be for weekend getaways, full-time, a lifestyle change, or whatever motivates you, our family at VDC strives to provide you with that outlet.

Our mission is to provide a luxurious (yet homey), durable, self sufficient platform for all your adventuring desires. We take immense pride in building a comfortable touring machine where after a long day of adventuring, you can come back to your tiny home, prepare a warm meal, enjoy a sunset, and have a nice hot shower before cozying into bed.

Our vans are built to last with a focus on detail. We choose every material and component that goes into each build with longevity, aesthetics, and durability in mind. This allows you to enjoy a beautiful, stress free, and reliable experience.