Built by Us,Styled by You.

Skilled Tradesmen

Pulling from decades of experience in the marine, transportation and construction trades assures a skill level second to none in our category.


A strong understanding that evolutionary change in materials, application and process are vital to bring constant improvement in our products.

How we do it

Let us build your off-grid land yacht on wheels.

At Van Damme Conversions, we redefine the boundaries of mobility by crafting unparalleled van conversions that epitomize luxury, innovation, and freedom. Our commitment is to blend the precision of artisanship with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every journey is not just about the destination, but a refined experience of comfort, elegance, and sustainability. For the discerning traveler, we provide not just a vehicle, but a statement of sophistication and a passport to limitless horizons.

Who we are

We believe in the value of human interaction, and the value of bringing that outside.

Van Damme Conversions offers an unparalleled coming together of both Maritime and Custom Build Industries. Our team applies knowledge and expertise from over 25 years combined experience living and working on Super-yachts. We are also van lifers ourselves, having years of living on the road in self converted vans.

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